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Risk Assessment For Engineer who are in a Risk Prone Area
Pramod Kesav.N.
ISBN: 978-93-86138-43-9
Amount : 500 / $25
Internet of Things (IoT) Enabled Devices for Oil and Gas industries
Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Bhupendra Singh, D.K.Gupta and Inder Singh
ISBN: 978-93-87374-63-8.
Amount : 500 / $25
MAP Kinase Signaling Cascade: Role in Development and Progression of Alzheimer’s disease.
Umar Mushtaq, Dr. Amrina Shafi and Dr. Firdous A. Khanday.
ISBN : 978-93-87374-09-6
Amount : 500 / $25
Human Capital An Introspection of Socio-Economic Aspects in India.
Ms. Shahana T and Dr. Surabhila P.
ISBN : 978-93-87374-22-5
Amount : 500 / $25
Social Inclusion of Unorganized Sector and Need for Pre-Emptive Policy Initiatives.
Dr. Surabhila. P.
ISBN : 978-93-87374-18-8
Amount : 500 / $25
IoT Enabled Smart Micro-grid - Rapid Prototyping………….Circuit/Program Code/Cloud Server.
Anita Gehlot, Rajesh Singh, Devender Kumar Saini, Monika Yadav and Bhupendra Singh.
ISBN : 978-93-87374-41-6
Amount : 500 / $25
Wireless Methods and devices to Control Mobile Robotics Platform ...NEC/RC5/IrDA/DTMF/433MHz RF Modem/2.4GHz RF Modem/XBee/Bluetooth /IoT/IoT APP.
Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Bhupendra Singh, Sushabhan Choudhury and Manish Sharma.
ISBN : 978-93-87374-53-9
Amount : 500 / $25
Human Capital An Introspection of Socio-Economic Aspects in India
Ms. Shahana T and Dr. Surabhila P
ISBN : 978-93-87374-22-5
Amount : 500 / $25


Organic Name Reactions Dr. Tanaji N. Bansode ISBN: 978-93-86138-17-0 Pages:132 Rs. 500

Text Book of Applied Chemistry Dr. Sheerin Masroor ISBN: 978-93-86138-54-5 Pages 86 Rs. 500

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis  Dr. M. Sugunatha Reddy  ISBN: 978-81-924218-4-1  Pages: 452  Price Rs. 1200

Human Resource Management: Concepts & Perspectives  Dr. Mujtaba Momin  ISBN: 978-81-904362-2-9 Pages 238  Price Rs. 500

Performance of The Bombay Stock Exchange Limited  Dr. Venkataramanaiah.M.  ISBN: 978-81-924218-0-3 Pages 146  Price Rs. 500

Economic Miseries among Social Groups: A Study of UP   NMP Verma  ISBN: 978-93-84144-16-6 Pages 132 Price Rs. 500

A Historical Analysis of Migration in Tripura: 1900 – 1971  Nilanjan De  ISBN: 978-93-84144-14-2  Pages 330 Price Rs. 500

A Text Book of Graph Theory & Its Applications [Hamiltonian Graphs and Its Applications]  S.Venu Madhava Sarma  ISBN: 978-93-84144-26-5  Pages 148  Price Rs. 500

Cloud Computing  Yunus Khan  ISBN: 978-93-84144-17-3  Pages 340  Price: Rs. 300

Changing Consumer Behavior  Dr. (Mrs.) KUSHAL Jain  ISBN: 978-93-84144-27-2  Pages: 202 Price Rs. 500

An Overview of Wireless Technologies (Bluetooth, Zigbee, WI-FI & WI-MAX)  Dr. S. Anandamurugan  ISBN: 978-93-84144-20-3  Pages 350 Price Rs. 500

Information Technology for Library and Information Science  Dr. Prabhat Kumar Pandey ISBN: 978-93-84144-23-4  Pages 256  Price         Rs. 500

Emotional Intelligence, Occupational Stress and Coping Resources among School Teachers  Dr. Gujja Sampath Reddy ISBN: 978-93-84144-18-0  Pages 260 Price Rs. 260

Role of Barak Valley in Swadeshi Movement (1905–1911)  Sahabuddin Ahmed  ISBN: 978-93-84144-30-2  Pages 120  Price Rs. 500

Revolution Realization at All Levels for Better society  Kasigari Prasad  ISBN: 978-93-84144-24-1  Pages 370 Price Rs. 500

Elements of Commerce & Management  Dr. Naveen K Mehta  ISBN: 978-93-84144-19-7  Pages 160  Price Rs. 500

Case Study of An Aerospace Company: Strategic Retention of Workforce  Dr. Dileep Kumer M.  ISBN: 978-93-84144-28-9  Pages 280  Price Rs. 500

The Fundamental of Physics Volume 1  Prof. PareshModh  ISBN: 978-93-84144-29-6  Pages 148  Price Rs. 500

Production and Characterisation of Biodiesel from Waste Palm, Waste Sunflower and Coconut Oils   Prof. Veluru Sridevi  ISBN: 978-93-84144-13-5  Pages 140  Price Rs. 500

Network Attacks and Defense Mechanisms  Mrs. Kamini C. Nalavade (Shirsath)  ISBN: 978-93-84144-31-9  Pages 446  Price Rs. 500

Adapting Agriculture to Climatic Variability in Gujarat  Ms. Deepa B. Hiremath  ISBN: 978-93-84144-22-7   Pages 234  Price Rs. 500

Emerging Dimensions of Commerce and Management  Dr. Monica Bansal  978-93-84144-32-6  Pages 680  Price Rs. 500

Ancillary Chemistry (For B.Sc. Physics, Botany, Zoology, Food Science and Nutrition, Textiles and Apparel Designing)  Dr. J. Thamarai Selvi  ISBN: 978-81-924218-5-8  Pages 180  Price Rs. 500

Stress and Coping in Middle Age   Dr. Vallivedu Siva Sankar  ISBN: 978-93-84144-11-1  Pages 358  Price Rs. 500

Mathematical Methods for Economics I (Strictly in Accordance with Syllabus Prescribed under FYUP)  Ms. N. Shradha Varma  ISBN: 978-93-84144-36-4   Pages 164  Price Rs. 500

Socio-Economic Perspectives of Punjab Economy  Satvinder Kaur  ISBN: 978-93-84144-21-0  Pages 470  Price Rs. 675

Vernacular Names of Plants of Meghalaya  D. Bokolial  ISBN: 978-93-84144-37-1  Pages 216  Price Rs. 500

Consumer Lifestyles  Dr. D. Nabirasool  ISBN: 978-93-84144-34-0  Pages 480  Price Rs. 500

A Book on Basic Mechanical Engineering  Er. Vivek Gedam  ISBN: 978-93-84144-44-9  Pages 214  Price  Rs. 500

Social and Polity Formation in Pre-Colonial Barak-Surma Valley of Assam  Dr. Sahabuddin Ahmed  ISBN: 978-93-84144-46-3  Pages 170  Price Rs. 500

Remote Sensing and Environment  Dr.Ziaur Rehman Ansari  ISBN: 978-93-84144-33-3  Pages 220  Price Rs. 500

A Handbook on System Analysis and Design  Sarfaraz Karim  ISBN: 978-93-84144-38-8  Pages 176  Price Rs. 500

A Text Book of Organic Molecules and Chemical Bonding  Dr. Mohsen Younus  ISBN: 978-93-84144-40-1  Pages 130  Price Rs. 500

Ethnic Politics in Malalysia A Chinese Dimension  Dr. Sneha  ISBN: 978-93-84144-47-0  Pages 184  Price Rs. 500

Celebrity Endorsement in Promoting a Brand: A Review  Dr. K. Saradhi  ISBN: 978-93-84144-42-5  Pages 300  Price Rs. 500

Communication Skills for Engineers  Dr. Meenu Mishra Pandey  ISBN: 978-93-84144-49-4  Pages 300  Price Rs. 500

New Dimensions in Optical Communication  Ms. Shilpa Jindal  ISBN: 978-93-84144-48-7  Pages 220  Price Rs. 500

Nickel Titanate: Synthesis, Characterization, Properties and Applications  Dr. K. S. Beenakumari  ISBN: 978-93-84144-52-4  Pages 36  Price: Rs. 500

Elementary Number Theory for Beginners  Nipen Saikia  ISBN: 978-93-84144-41-8  Pages 156  Price Rs. 500

Fundamental of Fluid Mechanics  Er. Deo Karan Ram  ISBN: 978-93-84144-35-7  Pages 233  Price Rs. 500

Change Management  Dr. Vimala Sanjeevkumar  ISBN: 978-93-84144-53-1  Pages 720  Price Rs. 500

Caste, Religion and State in Medieval South India  Challapalli Swaroopa Rani  ISBN: 978-93-84144-51-7  Pages 282  Price Rs. 500

Crumbling of Pellet Feed for Poultry  Dr.R.Yasothai, Ph.D.  ISBN: 978-93-84144-54-8  Pages 70  Price Rs. 500

Total Quality Management (TQM) and Organizational Performance  Dr. Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi  ISBN: 978-93-84144-45-6  Pages 170  Price Rs. 500